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covid bounce back support offer

Covid Bounce Back Support Offer

Expires 30/09/2020

• Get 3 Months Free Support.
• Try before you buy.
• No obligation

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Our support package is very simple, and it is designed to be fair for all parties.

With our Covid Bounce Back Support Offer you get your first 3 months free (then only a flat £1.00 per user per month). Unlike other support contracts where you are contracted to pay for mandatory amount even if the support is not used, we don’t do that. As you get better with your products you will need less support, so we only charge you for what you use – and that’s by the minute. No minimum fees or set blocks of time. If you ask a question and we answer it in two minutes, you’ll only pay for two minutes.
We also give best practice advice on each call so we don’t just fix your problems for you, we let you know how to avoid it in the future. We want to help you get the most out of Office 365.

In a situation something goes wrong, phone us and we will either show you how to fix it or if you prefer- let us do it for you.

To find out more about our SharePoint and Office 365 services get in touch today. call +44 (0) 7739 870 670 or Email us at:

Best Practice Advice

We always say that prevention is better than the cure, so we encourage all of our users to call us before they do anything big. You and your team can feel free to run things past us and we can advise on best practise, either supporting your decision or advising a better course of action

Free Training Webinars

Every week Solutions Developed runs an online live training event covering several of the support issues that we have seen and how to resolve them, saving you money in the future. We also run a monthly updates webinar teaching you how to leverage new office 365 features.

How do I do that

While working with o365 you or your users may need a reminder or a quick lesson in how to do a specific thing. We will set up a screen-share session with you to show you what to do. We can also do it for you if time is an issue or you only need to do the task once.

Getting the benefit

Once a month or at a frequency that suits you, we will be on hand to make recommendations on how the organisation can maximise the benefits of o365. Helping you form and implement a long term Office 365 strategy.

Get 3 Months Free with our Covid Bounce Back Support Offer.

We keep our pricing transparent and our contract simple, you pay £1 per user per month for support and get access to all the benefits we mentioned above. Then if there is need our help you pay only 75p per minute. We don’t do long term contracts, just month to month so you can take advantage of our support for as long as you need it. We also let you set a cap on your support spend getting the best of control and flexibility.

Support hours The support offering that we are referencing is for 9 to 5 Monday to Friday UK time. Support can be offered outside of these hours but will have to be quoted for separately.

To find out more about our SharePoint and Office 365 services get in touch today. call +44 (0) 7739 870 670 or Email us at: