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Teams End User Training in Orkney

The Teams End User training course is designed to take a completely novice user with no prior experience and introduce them to the components of Microsoft teams in order to allow them to communicate effectively with other users. We deliver training in Orkney and all across the UK.

Duration: 1 Day Course Style: Instructor Led
Audience: Beginner
Experience with Microsoft products an advantage
The Teams End User training course covers the basic tasks an end user would be expected to complete on a day to day basis while working with Microsoft Teams. Entry level course and is perfect for users new to o365.

Module 1 - Microsoft Teams Introduction

  • Purpose of teams
  • Navigation
  • Explanation of the different clients purposes

  • Module 2 - Conversations

  • Adding Contacts
  • Messaging a User
  • Receiving a Message
  • Sharing a File with another user
  • Editing a document together in real time

  • Module 3 - Calling

  • Make a call
  • Receive a call
  • Call controls
  • Adding people to a call
  • Module 4 - Screen Sharing

  • Sharing your screen
  • Sharing a window
  • Giving control
  • Adding people to a call

  • Module 5 - Organising Meetings

  • Difference Between Calls and Meetings.
  • Organising a Teams meeting.
  • Creating a new teams meeting via outlook.
  • Using the Scheduling Assistant to organise a teams meeting
  • Joining Meetings from within teams.

  • Module 6 - Best practice

  • Understanding the purpose of the different teams clients
  • locating the files that have been saved to in a team
  • Etiquette on the call
  • Screen Sharing Best Practice
  • All courses are available either online though our Train from you Desk program or our Classroom in a Box program in Orkney.

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