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What’s the difference between AI and Machine Learning?

Many people use the term AI and Machine Learning interchangeably however they are distinct concepts that are within the same field of technology. 

When discussing applications of Artificial Intelligence the majority of solutions will revolve around machine learning, A complex set of algorithms that have been trained to solve everyday problems. This is currently the main application of AI to this day however the term “Artificial Intelligence” actually is referring to the technology as a whole. Although machine learning makes up a large part of current day AI, it is still a subset of the overall technology. 

A good analogy is the term engineering, this is the blanket that encompasses all engineering based practices however it can then be broken down into sub groups like electrical engineering or software engineering, which by themselves have been used interchangeably with the term engineering within their specified field. This is the same for Machine Learning as it is part of AI. The overall goal for AI is to be able to mimic human behaviour to perform complex tasks and machine learning is the algorithms it uses to achieve this.

In summary, Artificial Intelligence is the blanket term used in defining software that can mimic human behaviour whilst machine learning is the subset of AI that uses algorithms to solve complex tasks.