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Office 365 Migration consultancy in Bedford

Every company that considers using Office 365 worries about how it can get the data and information it currently has safely into Office 365. Getting that content moved is done via the process of migrating the content from it's current location into it's new home. Moving the content can be stressful especially with users anxious to make sure that their content is not lost. This is where Solutions Developed can step in with our Office 365 Migration consultancy service to ensure that your migration is well thought out and that the necessary preparations have been made.
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All companies have their own unique circumstances when it comes to storing information and as such migration is not a one size fits all scenario. At Solutions Developed, Our Office 365 Migration consultancy service will guide you through the preparation of your migration and ensure that you have the confidence to move forward knowing that your companies data will be safe and sound.

Consolidating Content

During migration is a great time to combine all of your different data sources into one single location so that your team has one stop for all of the data it needs to work with.

Ensure Content Security

We can assist in making sure that migrated content stays as secure in it's new home as it was in the old home while ensuring that only authorised users have access.

Workable Schedules

Every company has unique circumstances for their operations and so it is important to be able to ensure that the whole company has a workable schedule in place.

Contingency Planning

While hoping for the best, prepare for the worst and mitigate the risk of losing that critical data so that your users have confidence in the migration.

Our SharePoint / Office 365 Consultancy team are people focused, not technology focused. They listen to you to make sure they fully understand your problem before supplying you with a solution. Our initial fact-finding mission is always free and gives you a detailed report on how to move forward. We know that many organisations across the private and public sectors are under pressure to keep budgets under control, that’s why at Solutions Developed have a transparent invoicing policy. All costs are agreed upfront, if a piece of work exceeds the initial scope we discuss this with you before proceeding, we also include expenses in all costs. What this means for you is no unexpected bills, making it easier for you to track and manage budgets. Get in touch to arrange your free initial fact-finding meeting with our SharePoint / Office 365 Consultants in Bedford today.
To find out more about our SharePoint and Office 365 services get in touch today. call +44 (0) 7739 870 670 or Email us at: