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How do I Schedule a Meeting in Teams?

People who have not had training in our Microsoft teams end user course always ask about how they can schedule a meeting in teams.

Our videos below demonstrate how to schedule a meeting on all three Microsoft teams products.


  • First Navigate to the calendar tab and select the New Meeting button.
  • Fill in the Meeting details such as title, location and details. The title will be what appears in the calendar. The location allows a meeting to be noted as being on or offline. The details field is used to provide a description of what the meeting will be about.
  • Invite attendees to the meeting by entering their names in the “Invite People” field.
  • Select a start time and end time. if there are conflicts with the selected date, the user will show up as busy
  • Press schedule when you are finished in order to schedule the meeting in the calendar for all users.
  • This is one of the topics covered in our Microsoft Teams End User Course. Take the course today to learn everything you will need to know to use Microsoft Teams effectively and impress your colleagues.

    Microsoft Teams is more than just a communications tool, it can also be a powerful collaboration tool for teams of users within an organisation. If you are interested in learning to administer Microsoft Teams rather than becoming an End User then the Microsoft Teams Admin Course may be of interest as it teaches a user to be able to create and maintain teams for your organisation so that they can collaborate seamlessly.