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How do I Send a Message in Teams?

People who have not had training in our Microsoft teams end user course always ask about how they can message other users in teams.

Our videos below demonstrate how to message other users on all three Microsoft teams products.


  • First Navigate to the chat tab.
  • Create a new chat via the new chat button or Select the contact that you wish to message from your recent contacts.
  • you can create a chat that is with multiple users and each user will see all of the messages sent in that chat.
  • Type in your message and then click send to send the message to all other members of the chat.
  • you will see a notification when a message has been sent successfully (a small tick) and when it has been seen by the users (an eye).
  • This is one of the topics covered in our Microsoft Teams End User Course. Take the course today to learn everything you will need to know to use Microsoft Teams effectively and impress your colleagues.

    Microsoft Teams is more than just a communications tool, it can also be a powerful collaboration tool for teams of users within an organisation. If you are interested in learning to administer Microsoft Teams rather than becoming an End User then the Microsoft Teams Admin Course may be of interest as it teaches a user to be able to create and maintain teams for your organisation so that they can collaborate seamlessly.