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Office 365 End User Training

The Office 365 End User training course is designed to take a completely novice user with no prior experience and introduce them to all of the tasks that they could reasonably be expected to perform during the course of their day to day duties.

Duration: 1 Day
Course Style: Instructor Led
Audience: Beginner
Experience with Microsoft products an advantage
The Office 365 End User training course covers the basic tasks an end user would be expected to complete on a day to day basis while working with office 365. Entry level course and is perfect for users new to o365.

Module 1 – Office 365 Introduction

  • Apps
  • Navigation
  • Difference between MS Office suite products online (Apps) versus offline (programmes) Benefits
  • Module 2 – Collaboration

  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint Site Architecture
  • Groups (explain relationship between Groups, Sites & Mailboxes)
  • Teams (intro & explain when to utilise versus Sites)
  • Sharing with Office 365
  • Module 3 – Communication

  • Teams
  • chat
  • voice & video
  • sharing screens & files
  • Outlook – intro, emailing files/links, etc
  • Calendar
  • Module 4 – Organisation Planner

  • OneNote
  • Tasks & To Do
  • Module 5 – Mobile Apps Introduction

  • What’s available
  • How to link with PC Apps
  • Module 6 – Practical Elements

  • navigate around Office 365/SharePoint & know where you are in the suite
  • follow SharePoint sites (and why)
  • create a new file from within SharePoint
  • saving a file to a Site
  • save email attachments to a Site
  • save a file on an App programme (Word, Excel, etc)
  • search for files & emails in Groups/SharePoint
  • move files within SharePoint
  • attach files(s) from SharePoint Site to an email
  • share files internally from SharePoint
  • copy/add emails to Site conversation mailbox
  • work together on shared files (co-authoring)
  • set up a sub-Site & invite owner & members
  • set-up & start a conference call on Teams
  • share screens and files on Teams video calls, to enable discussion/editing
  • view (easily) multiple photos on SharePoint
  • upload photos direct to SharePoint from a smart phone
  • All courses are available either online though our Train from you Desk program or our Classroom in a Box program.