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SharePoint and Office 365 Power Automate Development

We are the first to admit that Microsoft have made things very confusing when it comes to automating processes. There are so many options available to shoehorn automation in to your site. Azure workflows, Custom code, SharePoint designer workflows…and then there is Power Automate (Previously known as Flow). Our SharePoint and Office 365 Power Automate Development services can help you automate your sites.

The challenge for anybody developing workflows for an office 365 / SharePoint online solution is to know where to start. This knowledge comes from a deep understanding of where the boundaries lie for the other technologies and this is learned by rinse and repeat. We have been at this for a while now so we know where we can use Power Automate ( Flow ) and why we should use Power Automate ( Flow ) – not just because its great (which it is).

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User experience Focused

We know that for a power app to be successful users have to love it. We work with you to maximise your requirements to get users to accept your app as theirs.

Technical Specialists

We know SharePoint Online inside out. We can help you to leverage your out-of-the-box features as well as developing custom solutions based on your specifications.

Deliverable Focused

We want you to start using the app as quickly as possible, that’s why project management and communication is top of our priorities.

Power App Experience

We’ve developed power apps for a range of purposes: Customer Relationship Management; Project Management; Communication Portals.

We can’t give you or users the famous “let me do the job for you” button, but with flow we can get close. The biggest challenge facing companies these days is how do they get their users to engage with the new solutions. How to bring about organisational change. Bringing about organisational change is easy if the change is less effort than the original task. We help organisations map processes and find the small marginal changes that Flow can facilitate. Suddenly Office 365 / SharePoint online takes on a new meaning – it is no longer just for storing stuff, it does stuff.

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We’ve been developing for SharePoint since 2003, so we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to development. Our team is multi-functional, meaning you get access to experienced Project Managers and SharePoint Consultants as well as technical resources. We are here to help you achieve your goals. We’ve created a number of Powerapps already covering functional based processes such as Customer Relationship Management tools and Project Management systems through to visual intranet engagement tools.

We know that investing in a custom development is a big step, which is why we make sure there are no surprise costs presented to you at the end of the project. All costs are agreed up front and we don’t do anything without your express permissions. You are given a single point of contact to deal with through the development process who will work with you to deliver the Powerapp you need.

During our development process we will work with you to determine your detailed requirements. At this stage if we see any ways to improve or tweak what you are doing, we will suggest it. We are here to give you our experience. Office 365 and SharePoint Online have given us a new digital landscape to work with, we want to enable you to make the most from all aspects of it. Our team have experience not just with app development but also with all parts and technologies in the Office 365 landscape.

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