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SharePoint and Office 365 Support in Dunbartonshire

We offer full SharePoint and Office 365 support. Office 365 and SharePoint online is indeed a fantastic platform and the real ROI is actually quite measurable, however no matter how great Office 365 and SharePoint online are, its no use if its not used, and it needs to be used efficiently! That’s where we can help you with our new snappily titled “let us do it for you”. Our new and disruptive support package is very simple. One user type, one minute, one price. Unlike our competitors we don’t have a tiered support product (Bronze, Silver, Gold), Why pay for a service if you aren’t using it. Solutions Developed certainly doesn’t expect its customers to pay a premium price to secure a level of service. We treat all our customers equally. Once you sign up with Solutions Developed as a support client, we will be happy to take over all comms with your team and deal with them daily. The contact with your staff is done via the phone, Microsoft Teams or an equivalent service. We take all responsibility for creating tickets and maintaining records and statistics – no more “raise a ticket!” nonsense. Billing and Charges couldn’t be simpler we bill you once a month for the actual time used and we provide a full report against that time. We know that you are going to be amazed at how much help you have received and how inexpensive it is.

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No Ticketing

We do not insist that users raise a ticket. We ask for engagement by phone (old fashioned) we will raise the ticket for you and that way your user spends less time fixing a problem and more time being productive.

Support Staff

We don’t have a tiered approach to support. The people that respond to you are our top team, with deep technical skills no more pillar to post just top quality SharePoint online office 365 support.

Users Experience

Our SharePoint / office 365 support product is all about reducing the impact of users not being able to do something and maximising the productivity that can be supplied by using SharePoint and Office 365 properly.

Technical support

Even the most technical team will benefit from some help from time to time. Usually this is just another pair of eyes to help them sense check their latest Office 365 and SharePoint development ideas.
Why bother with support, users will get there in the end? We have recently quantified this, and statistics have shown us that our support product can provide a 28% increase in efficiency - thats like having nearly a third more staff without the overhead. We are so confident that we can deliver these savings that we will maintain your stats and only charge you on a time spent basis - SERIOUSLY- we either win together or not, but we don’t lose! Our pricing policy is based on actual time spent. You don’t have to commit to 3 days support or an amount of money paid etc. All that happens is that your team call us (the clock starts) we raise a ticket and record the details, fix the problem (the clock stops), if that is a minute or an hour that is all you pay. You will be amazed at how effective and inexpensive this can be. Get in touch today to find out more about our Office 365 and SharePoint End User Support services in Dunbartonshire.