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SharePoint Online Strategy Course in Nairnshire

The SharePoint Online Strategy Course is designed to allow users with no prior knowledge to be able to identify the needs of their organisation and how SharePoint can be leveraged to address those needs

Duration: 1 Day Course Style: Instructor Led
Audience: Beginner
Experience with Microsoft products an advantage
The SharePoint Online Strategy course focuses on how to create a workable SharePoint Online strategy for your organisation.

Module 1 - Introduction to SharePoint Online

  • Introduction to Sharepoint
  • Navigating Sharepoint
  • Different types of sites

  • Module 2 - Lists and Libraries

  • Introduction to lists
  • When using lists is appropriate
  • Introduction to Libraries
  • Sorting and Filtering content in libraries

  • Module 3 - Permissions

  • Types of Permissions
  • How to decide what permission level a user needs
  • how to implement permissions in an organisation

  • Module 4 - Using Pages and Apps

  • How to Create a page
  • when should pages be used
  • Adding an app to a page
  • What sort of apps are available
  • Module 5 - Hub site

  • The purpose of Hub sites
  • Setting up a Hub site
  • the Benefits of using Hub sites

  • Module 6 - Sharing

  • Discuss the concept of sharing for SharePoint
  • Identifying business cases that will need to share information
  • Identifying business cases where sharing is forbidden
  • How to control sharing on a site
  • All courses are available either online though our Train from you Desk program or our Classroom in a Box program at facilities in Nairnshire

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