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Teams Admin Training

The Teams Admin training course is designed to take a completely novice user with no prior experience and introduce them to the components of Microsoft teams in order to allow them Administer multiple Teams.

Duration: 2 Day
Course Style: Instructor Led
Audience: Beginner
Experience with Microsoft products an advantage
The Teams Admin training course covers the basic tasks an Admin would be expected to complete on a day to day basis while Administering Microsoft Teams. Entry level course and is perfect for users new to o365.

Module 1 – Microsoft Teams Introduction

  • Purpose of Teams
  • Navigation
  • Explanation of the different clients purposes
  • The Activity Tab
  • Module 2 – Conversations

  • The Chat Tab
  • Adding Contacts
  • Messaging a User
  • Receiving a Message
  • Sharing a File with another user
  • Editing a document together in real time
  • Module 3 – Calling

  • The Calls Tab
  • Make a call
  • Receive a call
  • Call controls
  • Adding people to a call
  • Module 4 – Collaboration

  • The Teams Tab
  • How a Team works
  • What Content is available in a Team?
  • Working in a Team
  • Collaborating with other users
  • The Files Tab
  • Module 5 – Organising Meetings

  • The Calendar Tab
  • Difference Between Calls and Meetings.
  • Organising a Teams meeting.
  • Creating a new Teams meeting via outlook.
  • Using the Scheduling Assistant to organise a Teams meeting
  • Joining Meetings from within Teams.
  • Module 6 – Additional Options for Teams

  • Microsoft Shifts
  • What are Shifts used for?
  • When to use Shifts
  • Planner
  • What is Planner used for?
  • When to use Planner
  • Module 7 – Best practice

  • Understanding the purpose of the different teams clients
  • locating the files that have been saved to in a team
  • Etiquette on the call
  • Screen Sharing Best Practice
  • Module 8 – Administering Teams

  • Creating a team
  • Creating multiple channels
  • Private channels
  • Managing Permissions
  • Managing Teams (o365 Admin Centre)
  • Managing Teams (Teams Admin Centre)
  • Module 9 – Channel Tabs

  • What are Tabs
  • Documents Tab
  • Looking at Available Tabs
  • Look at Planner
  • Managing Permissions
  • Module 10 – Administration Strategy

  • When to create a team
  • How to limit team creation and why you would want to do so
  • When Private channels are appropriate
  • Office 365 group Integration
  • Other apps to use with teams
  • Module 11 – Fun Stuff (Time Permitting)

  • Gifs
  • Stickers
  • Memes
  • All courses are available either online though our Train from you Desk program or our Classroom in a Box program.

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